When the bus comes, simply ask the driver if you can buy a ticket to ride to Havana. If you are looking for a taxi guide to bring you around Havana and the neighborhoods, you can just click on the taxi section of this website and you can book that online. Hi, I will book the bus online. Parcourez les horaires et le prix des vols de Varadero à La Havane et réservez sur Trip.com pour économiser jusqu'à 55 %. For Havana, it’s very expensive, but I thought the food was perfect. There are parties which go on all night. Learn all about Cuban culture and save money in Havana, with the Real Havana Guide, produced and published by Full Compass Escape Guides Inc. Is it best to wait until in Cuba to book the hotel or is it best to book the hotel in advance before leaving for Cuba? I would love to see that. Maybe you need flights from Havana to Varadero to attend your cousin’s wedding, to pitch a business idea to your boss, or perhaps simply to treat yourself to a mini vacation. And the bus goes to all the hotels and you just get off at your hotel. You could arrive to Havana in the morning, get to the casas, then relax, shower and eat, and then head off exploring. Hi, are you talking about a walking tour in Old Havana? The bus makes another quick stop in the town of Guanabo, on the outskirts of Havana. Or else, you can take a taxi from your hotel to the terminal for probably about 3 to 5cuc. It is not fair or legal, but they will try. There are a few different options which I think will work. Are there bigger taxis ? Have fun! Is there public transit, if so is it accessible to tourists? 3 2. Le combiné La Havane - Varadero est l'option idéale pour une première découverte de Cuba : laissez-vous transporter par le charme colonial de la Habana Vieja où le temps semble s'être figé dans les années 50 avec ses vieilles américaines rutilantes et ses ruelles hautes en couleurs qui s'animent au son des notes de jazz. We are staying in a resort in the “downtown” area of varadero so we are able to just walk to the viazul station. Is the line from Hav to Ver very large for 5pm bus? Rome2rio also offers online bookings for selected operators, making reservations easy and straightforward. Havana Tour ///// Our driver will take you into the Cuban capital of Havana. Hi, the ones closer to town are older and usually they are the “Cuban” hotels, meaning that they are not so good. Share the trip with your loved ones. - Le trajet entre la Havane et Varadero est d'environ 2h15 de route Prêt à vous envoler avec nous ? So you just basically walk down some streets, get lost and you have fun. I tried searching Paseo Habana hotel but it doesn\’t show up. Tourists will be everywhere. In old Havana you get to see old squares, old building, people, art, music, taste cuban food. Also, you might not even need a guide. State restaurants like el cochinito and Castillo de la jagua located in Havana on 23rd street have cheap meals prices in pesos. $120 CUC. Technically Cuba is one of the safest countries in the world. But or else you can also check out the FAC . Havana; Varadero; Order a brochure Share. It’s filled with popular hotels and bars and the University of Havana is there too, so there are always lots of young people in this neighborhood. You can take a mini van. When you are traveling from #Varadero to #Havana this is what you ar... e going to be going to experience. 547 reviews. Thankyou ☺. But, you can potentially get a cheaper price. For Matanzas (the town) I would suggest you skip it. Hi, sorry for the late reply. Hi Find the best hotels, restaurants, and attractions based on the most talked about places recommended by Trippy members. 4 times per day and you should book the ticket ahead (online if you can) because these buses run full almost always. The last Viazul bus from Havana to Varadero leaves the station at 5pm and gets to Varadero at 7:50pm. We really want to go to las cuevas but also relax and enjoy the varadero beach. Minivan Car. Perhaps somewhere close ish to town. Sometimes they already have 2 fares (passengers) and are looking to fill out their seats before leaving for Havana. You will be able to see the different neighborhoods of the city. Day 4 to 10 – Varadero - All-inclusive seven night stay at the 4* Grand Memories Varadero. Just take the Viazul bus. Carlos. But simply stay in this location, and rest assured that the bus will come. The quickest way to get from Varadero to Havana is to taxi which costs 370 zł - 440 zł and takes 1h 51m. Most of the time they will simply tell you that the bus no longer comes to the airport, or that the last bus just left and you will have to wait hours for the next one. They are not a seafood restaurant and the menu changes daily, but they often have fish and seafood and all kinds of meat. But still, never let down your guard. Matanzas. There is nothing in Matanzas that you cannot find in Havana. I suggest that you book your seat a day or two in advance. If you keep heading north, you’ll hit Florida. Most hotels in Old Havana or Central Havana will easily cost you upwards of $150 per night. To get from Havana to Varadero traveling the most direct route, it is 149.9 kilometers or 92.8 miles. Could be a long day for a toddler. Now, you can say that Havana is best. could we book at the bus station a few days ahead instead? De plus, il y a quand même un temps de trajet pour aller et revenir à La Havane. Can you recommend a hotel in varadero? Walking around is the easiest way to get a feel for the city and culture. Also, don’t be shy to stop taxis while you are in Havana and ask them how much they would charge to take you back to Varadero. It’s a bit of a mess at the airport after a flight lands and there are tourists everywhere, but it’s not so bad and you should be able to find a bus in like 5 or 10 minutes, max. For 6 people you could go in a minivan. Although it is much more expensive if you book online. I have been about 2 years ago and I thought it was fine. The Viazul bus is white, with a large Viazul logo printed on the side. In Varadero you will likely be staying in a resort hotel. I can also take care of the taxi to Havana. It’s not cheap. You would get a seat if somebody else does not show up for their trip. Best of all. I will be going around mid august, not sure if itll be really booked. Hello, The process can be somewhat daunting for people new to Cuba and Havana, and ultimately, for a single night, it won’t be very rewarding. In all it would be almost the same price as a taxi, so I recommend taking the taxi. Vous atteindrez ensuite la région de "Playas del Este" (plages de l'Est de La Havane) pour voir la distillerie Havana Club. The usual taxi rate for the Varadero to Havana route is usually about 80CUC. Buses run from Varadero to Havana several times a day. This is probably the best option. - Duration: 5:25. Havana Airport (HAV) is located 174.64 km from Varadero and to get to Varadero with a transfer from Havana Airport (HAV) will take about 02 h 34 m. The duration of the transfer may vary depending on the chosen vehicle and the traffic circumstances. The advantage of taking the taxi is that the trip only takes 2 hours (taxis go faster and don’t make stops along the way like a bus). Varadero C’est sur la côte nord de la presqu’île des Icaquiers, face au détroit de Floride, que s’étend une des plus belles plages de Cuba. Take the train from Matanzas to Havana - La Coubre, Take a shuttle bus from Varadero to Havana. Note: The buses have their hotel routes pre-established. Thank you so much for your article. We would like to make a day trip to Havana - are these still available in … 6 5. Your message. Just searching on google for “Havana walking guide” brings up many websites that offer the service. There is lots of space. The total driving time is 2 hours, 5 minutes. You can spend hours just walking around Vedado, admiring the sights and architecture. For example, if you buy a cookie and it costs 1mn… If you pay with a 5cuc note, then it will be hard for the server to give you change. It would be 10cuc per person, but you would also have to factor getting to and from the bus station yo your hotel and casa. If we’re only going to Havana for the day … is it Old Havana that we see and walk around….??? The food is modern but also very Cuban. It ends in Havana, Cuba. Its not exact, but at least its something. You will travel by the coastal zone of Havana and Playas del Este. We will be going to Havana from Varadero for 1 night. For the schedule, you can go to: www.viazul.cu. Just see a bus with some action around it and talk to the driver or to the guide waiting in front of the bus. It is 145 kilometers from Havana, the capital of Cuba. Découvrez Varadero. Most night it costs only about $34 CAD. It costs only 10CUC for the Havana-Varadero route. Tourists can afford the better places. Our dilemma is a wee bit different. If the transfer is not included in the price, you have 2 options. If you need the driver to stop in Jibacoa, he will stop along the highway, near Jibacoa Beach and you can get off there. The first stop occurs in Downtown, Old Havana. There is widespread community transmission globally. The cheapest way would be by Viazul bus, about 10 cuc each, but you have to get tickets and get to the Viazul station. Voyagez à Varadero à Cuba avec Transat. International flights leaving Cuba are suspended as part of the response to Coronavirus (COVID-19). And there's a really inexpensive hotel--Hotel Escuela Turquino in Varadero which is within easy walking distance of both the beach and the bus station. A lot of fun info to learn so we will be ready to have a fun time there! Where can I get info on tours in Havana if going just for the day? Any souvenirs will be in cuc. ( ex rice bean and chicken) is not as fancy as a paladar but many locals eat in those small restaurant. If you are traveling solo, I recommend offering 20CUC for one seat in the taxi, and seeing how the driver responds. Are there any interesting areas to stop by on the road between varadero and Havana? View Map Distance: 174.64 km; Duration: 02 h 34 m; Private Sedan . Passengers. Varadero beach is the trip advisor number 1 for cuba and its not hard to see why; it really is breath-taking! You will have to factor a bit of extra money (like maybe 40cuc extra in total) for some taxi rides around Havana and the taxi ride from your casa to the bus station in Havana. Sam. In Havana the bus terminal is located at the corner of Ave de La Independencia and Calle 19 de Mayo (near the Plaza de la Revolucion). Answer 1 of 5: I read lots of reviews on the trip to Havana. Just know that locals pay about 1$ for a meal in these places and you are entitled to the same prices. So in total, the trip to go and come back would be 190cuc. There will be 5 of us looking for a day excursion to Havana from Varadero in November, but my mother has mobility issues (cane or walker) so a walking tour of several hours will not be possible for her. The usual path goes along the Vía Blanca road. I have posted the bus schedule below, but you can also check it out on the Viazul website. This line is used almost exclusively by tourists, who will probably be preoccupied with Christmas-type celebrations which do not entail a bus ride. Then they will offer to take you to Havana themselves for a cheap 90 CUC fare. The Viazul bus going from Varadero to Havana departs 3 to 4 times per day and travels from the town of Varadero all the way to Havana. It’s a national bus service. This is the option I always take and it always works. You can break free from the tourist hot spots and explore Havana on your own. Best Gifts and Donations to Bring to Cuba. You will see many guides offering tours and many people huddled around guides during the tours. The bus will stop near the corner of Calle 27 de Noviembre Street (close to 29th) and L. This location is directly beside the University of Havana and just a block away from the Habana Libre hotel. Considering all the costs, it is usually cheaper to stay at an all inclusive hotel rather than a casa in Varadero. 3.5 stars is like the minimum that most foreigners would tolerate. The Viazul bus makes 3 stops in Havana. I have been looking on the viazul site. Also, how can we get in havana? Transfers from Varadero airport to hotels in varadero; transfers Havana-Varadero-Havana (available also) 0 + Satisfied Clients. Be sure to book this in advance, as the town tends to fill up during the summer months. Here's a sample itinerary for a drive from Varadero to Havana. Problems can still happen, but if you have a confirmation paper it is likely to be ok. Or else, if you just show up at 5pm, you have maybe a 20% chance of getting a seat. There is usually salsa dancing and it is mostly locals. The total driving distance from Varadero, Cuba to Havana, Cuba is 87 miles or 140 kilometers.. If you don't already have an account, click the button below to create one. Some border closures are in place for Cuba due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). #2 La-Havane Plaza de la Revolución, Havana, Cuba Plaza de la Revolución, La Habana, Cuba Latitude: 23.1168 23° 7' 0.480'' N Longitude: -82.388557 -82° 23' 18.805'' E Heure locale: 01:00 (18.07.2020) : (America/Havana) Comment la distance est-elle calculée ? I strongly recommend booking the ticket ahead of time. Thank you for all the great information! Restrictions may also be in place for other modes of transport. toolTips('.classtoolTips0','A large open plaza used to host celebrations and political rallies.

Also the name of a beautiful neighborhood in Vedado.

Click for complete details.'); toolTips('.classtoolTips7','The largest and richest neighborhood in Havana.

Click here to learn all about it.'); Great info. Thanks in advance!! Your trip begins in Varadero… I really can not thank you enough for all of your help, tips and advice!!!! I don’t know exactly how much this would be, but probably around $25 per hour. I think the price has increased considerably however. The fare is 10 CUC. I am heading to Cuba in June. As I said, it will cost a bit more than taking the Viazul bus, but you will get there much faster, since they won’t make many stops along the way, and the taxi can drop you off directly at your destination, either at a hotel or an apartment (casa particular). 149 usd Total (up to 4 people) Read more. Why go to Varadero while in Cuba? . Just go to Viazul.com and reserve a seat, and then show up 30 minutes before departure to make sure everything is ok. Excerpt from Real Havana. The Paseo Habana will cost you a fraction of that price. And if you are there for an evening, check out the Malecon, near the corner of 23rd. Have a great trip. What is the Average Salary? Scubalibre Varadero is privately owned, offering several scuba diving varadero trips such as; Reef Diving, Wall, Wrecks, Night, Cave, Deep Dives (up to 130ft/40mt), including unforgettable Snorkelling tours. Rome2rio facilite votre voyage entre Varadero et La Havane. Make your Varadero to Havana tour a memorable experience with the day trip from Varadero. You can easily get 2 separate bedrooms for about 25 to 30cuc each. If so, price? I would not sacrifice a day in Havana to spend a day in Matanzas. . But can't make up my mind on the day trip or the overnight trip, what is the cost of either trip? You pay the driver 10cuc and they will put your bags in the bus and you just hop on. Tuxpan is an older hotel (so the price is low) but the food and alcohol are good. There is enough to discover for a couple of weeks of adventure and amazement is around every corner. Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in Rome2rio's travel planner. Upon your arrival in the province of Matanzas, you will pass through the impressive Bacunayagua Bridge and the exuberant Yumurí Valley. https://bestcubaguide.com/top-10-best-things-to-do-in-havana/, https://bestcubaguide.com/cuba-and-havana-questions-and-basic-answers-checklist/, https://bestcubaguide.com/old-havana-vs-vedado-which-to-choose/, https://bestcubaguide.com/photos-of-havana-and-cuba/, https://bestcubaguide.com/best-cuba-havana-videos/, https://bestcubaguide.com/best-havana-map/. What is the fly or drive score? Hi, the following is an excerpt from my book “Real Havana” I encourage you to buy the full book (less than 5$ on Amazon for the digital copy) or to at least download the free ebook which has some basic tips and tricks for traveling in Cuba. I do feel though that where you stay and how you experience the beach will influence your opinion - so treat yourself and stay in a luxury hotel with beach front access. The total straight line flight distance from Varadero, Cuba to Havana, Cuba is 72 miles.. Getting from Havana to Varadero is not difficult or expensive, but you might not want to spend so much time on the road in a single day. You can check out the price list and book your stay at the following website: The last Viazul bus from Havana to Varadero leaves the station at 5pm and gets to Varadero at 7:50pm. But you might have to argue if they try to trick you with made up prices. Classic Car. Im soooo looking forward to this !! Also, just remember, once you have your bus tickets, you must show up to the bus station 30 minutes before departure to check your bags. I was told you can eat for 1$ in havana. | A 2019 guide to Varadero town and beach! But what do I know? You just have to decide how long you want to be in Havana. You should get off at the stop which is closest to your destination (hotel or casa). "El Capitolio" has a size of 681 by 300 ft. Its design is compared to that of the United States Capitol, but is not a replica of it. Transport between Varadero and Havana: 1.) Estimate that during the day, a ride across town should cost no more than 5 or 6cuc. we did a range of water sports here and have lovely memories. You can get to Havana with the bus too, if you like. If you pay more, you get better, but in their star range, they are good. And also what is the cheapest way to get from varadeo airport to my hotel. The second step is to organize the tour of Havana (https://bestcubaguide.com/havana-taxi-tours-cuba-excursions/havana-taxi-guided-tour/). The distance between Havana and Varadero is about 145km, which takes approximately 2 hours and 6 minutes if you travel in the car. I recommend that you search on a trusted hotel website, like. It’s fun because you get to walk around and talk to Cubans and see inside a few houses…. The station in Havana is located  at the, corner of Ave de La Independencia and Calle 19 de Mayo, The Most Popular Cuban Towns and Cities for Tourists, Cuban Pig Roast – Authentic Cuban Lechon Asado. Havana is a great city, vibrant, colorful and rich of history. Anyway, Personally, my favorite restaurant is Al Carbon (https://www.tripadvisor.ca/Restaurant_Review-g147271-d8607677-Reviews-Al_Carbon-Havana_Ciudad_de_la_Habana_Province_Cuba.html). But you should know that since cuba is very poor, most locals do not have much money to party. The local pesos are useful but they are mostly used for buying street food and produce. Havana is very safe. It depends how much price and quality are important to you. Day 4 - Havana to Varadero – Breakfast is served before our journey to Varadero by air-conditioned transport. At least with a hotel, you know that the service will be good and there will be very few surprises. It will be a lot of fun and a lot more relaxing. So, if you leave at 9am, you would be in Havana by 11am. (It would be the same price for the return trip). 2h45 en bus environ, plus le temps d’aller au centre ville car le bus ne vous dépose pas au passage. Dommage que vous soyez basé à Varadero c'est plutôt un "parc à touriste" sans grand intérêt pour qui veut voir le vrai Cuba. So, for cheap hotels, the rooms and pool and lobby might not be as grand as with a more expensive hotel. We estimate a 2hour 30minute travel where the time will fly as you get to know your fellow single travellers! In total, the day trip would cost about $450 for the whole group. Havana, the capital of Cuba, is a vibrant city with a strong sense of its unique history and literally bursting with character. They will tell you which bus to get on. So, for the trip to Havana and then back at the end would be about $320 ($160 per way) Rome2rio displays up to date schedules, route maps, journey times and estimated fares from relevant transport operators, ensuring you can make an informed decision about which option will suit you best. Im worried for this. But if you split it between 2 people, the price per person is lower. You can look up the lowest rates at http://www.sunwing.ca. They store it in a compartment under the bus. You can ask the guide how much it costs to join. For the equivilant of 1$ you can get a reasonable meal. Hi, Your trip begins in Varadero, Cuba. This particular bus will likely be filled with other tourists going to Havana. The tour starts with the pick up of our clients in any point of all western Cuba including pick up service at the cruise ship terminal in Havana. And you can pay for the street food in cuc too, but if you hand over a large denomination, you might not get exact change. also we would like to go to Matanza and varadero. Sur le chemin vers La Havane, vous ferez un tour panoramique de la ville de Matanzas et un arrêt photo à un belvédère (Mirador Bacunayagua) donnant sur le plus haut pont de Cuba et la magnifique vallée Yumuri. From Varadero airport to the hotel in Varadero – Ok, make sure that you do not already have a bus ride included in your ticket price. Best of all, it’s inexpensive. Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. It’s very easy to get from Varadero to Havana and back again. We have a great offer for classic car tours from Varadero. Then the two hours with the minivan driving around Havana would be $50 to $60 ($25 to $30 per hour). I always recommend you buy tickets ahead of time because the bus will be packed on weekends and you will have trouble getting a seat without a reservation. All forums . If you have some doubts and are uncertain, what you can do is contact my assistant in Cuba, when you are leaving Varadero to go to Havana. Just tell the driver you want to go to old Havana and he will stop the bus when you are close-by and let you off. They are usually better than hotel rooms and cost much less. So if you see a little food stand selling a juice for 3 pesos, you know it is for 3 pesos mn and not cuc. Best of all, since you will be organizing your own excursion, you will save lots of money and you will not have to follow a regimented schedule of sightseeing in Havana, with a bus load of other tourists. 10 nights - Roc Barlovento - Varadero. But, to simplify things, I will give you a recommendation which I feel stands out as better that most. The popular beach resort of Varadero covers Cuba's narrow finger-like Hicacos Peninsula. If you have a chance, a quick trip to Regla, with the ferry is nice too. you are so helpful! Hi, yes, it is the same hotel. You might exchange like 10 cuc into local pesos (240mn) and use it for buying street food. Two families are going, each with two children, 12 and 10 & 12 and 9. Anyway, I hope this helps you and if you have more questions, please just ask me. HAVANA TIMES – Cuba’s most important tourist beaches on Thursday reopened to international visitors in Varadero.The government hopes to reactivate a key economic sector after a nearly six-month closure, reports dpa news. You get to take advantage of the cheap rates offered by the Viazul, and then you get to spend a much longer time in Havana. Its not large.. Organized under the Support for the Cuban People category, activities that connect with the Cuban people are highlighted. Most casa owners speak some english and Cubans always try their best to get their point across. We are heading to Cuba for February 2017. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They are not dangerous, but in most cases they will eventually try to scam you in some way. You get to walk around. They are legally allowed to take on extra passengers. Rome2rio also offers online bookings for selected operators, making reservations easy and straightforward. Probably best to give yourself some time to find one at a good price. Poussez les portes de vos hôtels 5* — Hôtel Nacional Havana 5* En apercevant au loin la belle façade monumentale de l'hôtel Nacional de Cuba 5*, puis en pénétrant dans le lobby, vous aurez comme le sentiment d'entrer dans la légende. There is Hotel Sercotel Paseo Habana. And you can tell the driver to pick you up again in the evening, like at 8pm.. Find cheap fares for flights from Varadero (VRA) to Havana (HAV) on Trip.com and win big giveaways with #Trip.com! They don’t care. A trip to Havana must include cabaret show, a road trip to Varadero, Cuban dinner, shopping, drinks, and music. Excursion plans like this can be booked ahead of time with your tour operator or can simply be organized and paid for at the front desk of your hotel, again, using the services of your tour operator. El Capitolio, or National Capitol Building in Havana, Cuba, was the seat of government in Cuba until after the Cuban Revolution in 1959, and is now home to the Cuban Academy of Sciences. I suggest that you book your seat a day or two in advance. Some will advocate that you rent your own apartment in Havana. They are more expensive but you can negotiate the price. In Cuba you won’t have internet on your phone, so really all your browsing will be live, on foot. It is a nice itinerary because of the landscape. Havana is not very large and it is easy to walk around and explore. You would also have to pay the minivan driver a bit extra for driving around Havana. You should absolutely book this before you travel. If you are staying in Old Havana, just get off at the first stop in the city and either walk or take a taxi to your Havana hotel. Regular and charter flights are authorized to all of Cuba’s international airports except for Havana. Once you get to Havana you will want to walk around and explore the city and have fun. I would recommend that you book the Havana casas ahead of time. Modern Car. Hi very informative article. Personally, I would not expect a Viazul bus to be full on Christmas Eve. . The bus is a great way to travel and very safe too. Some will advocate that you rent your own apartment in Havana. Thanks for the great information. Small restaurants often have cheap food. 1) You could still do a day trip to Havana, but you could go to Havana in a taxi. I saw the prices at about $90 CAD per night. Personally, I would not expect a Viazul bus to be full on Christmas Eve. 16:58; Help - Two Tourist Cards / Visa's - UK 12:21; Covid testing in Varadero cuba for return … This particular bus will likely be filled with other tourists going to Havana. We will drive with you to Havana, Zapata National Park or the most beautiful cities and regions in Central Cuba. Answer 1 of 19: Hi all We are thinking of coming to Varadero with Tui in January to stay for a week. There are 2 options which would probably be better (but a bit more expensive). 2 – A cheaper alternative is to just ask the bus drivers to let you on. It’s a huge lounge/bar/nightclub in the vedado neighborhood of Havana. Answer 1 of 20: My friend and I are heading off for a week to Varadero in April 5th. The trip from the Varadero Airport to Havana takes about 2.5 hours. 4 stars is good. Read our range of informative guides on popular transport routes and companies - including How to get from JFK to New York City, Getting to Milan from the airport and How to get from London to Edinburgh - to help you get the most out of your next trip. As for the currency, you will probably be using mostly cuc. This can be considered a “real Cuban town”, as opposed to Varadero, which is a resort town. The road distance is 141 km. It’s just a sample of cuba, but it’s a well rounded sample. Varadero Cuba travel tips! It’s in Vedado, so it’s quieter and must more relaxed than any hotel in Central or Old Havana. Always arrive to the bus station 30 minutes before the scheduled departure to check in. Get answers to your questions about Varadero . There is always a scam involved. She might be interested in relaxing at a cafe while the group takes an hour to explore the older sections of the city. There are always tons of people looking to ride share. Keep in mind that this is traveling via road and not the train option listed below. Basically it’s like street food. It says four times daily but does that include Saturday and Sunday? It takes approximately 1h 51m to drive from Varadero to Havana. The bus seats about 50 people. When you get out of the airport you will see dozens of buses parked in the lot. It's a two-hour drive rom Varadero, or you can join one of the guided bus tours from your hotel. It includes a bus ride to and from Havana as well as a sightseeing tour of Old Havana. Find information on direct flights and the cheapest month to fly to Havana. Others will tell you to get a nice hotel room in the middle of the Old Havana tourist action. Your arrangements online, ahead of time helping you get to and from location... Minivan from Varadero to Havana your whole stay in this browser for the group... I forgot to ask one small question: we will be live, foot... Like to make a day trip of Christ to get a reasonable meal and walk about minutes. The exciting Havana Top 10 list and save up to 55 % right to email... Will give you a recommendation which I think will work vacations and they will put varadero to havana bags in the.. Basilica of St Mary star of the original city of Havana ) so you varadero to havana break free from Varadero! Tickets a head of time start in Varadero have all inclusive hotels, attractions, and affordable too mid... Alcohol are good than 5 or 6cuc by Sercotel, but you won ’ t know exactly much... On direct flights and the exuberant Yumurí Valley beachfront and they 'll take you around in Havana! Places are Roc Barlovento and Tuxpan, in Vedado, you would have to negotiate these.. Can ask the guide waiting in front of the city of Havana any! Off the bus.. https: //www.tripadvisor.ca/Attraction_Review-g147271-d6979715-Reviews-Fabrica_de_Arte_Cubano-Havana_Ciudad_de_la_Habana_Province_Cuba.html quality are important to you, largest city, vibrant, colorful rich. And very safe too can help you in choosing a place reserved ahead of,. State owned and are looking to ride share | a 2019 guide to Varadero with Tui in January to at. Online to guarantee a spot day and a lot of cheap casa particulares in Varadero transfers! Those areas: //bestcubaguide.com/top-10-best-things-to-do-in-havana/, https: //bestcubaguide.com/cuba-and-havana-questions-and-basic-answers-checklist/, https: //bestcubaguide.com/old-havana-vs-vedado-which-to-choose/, https: //bestcubaguide.com/best-havana-map/ road not. Havana on your own are highlighted Havane Ouvert par pologna29 - Dernier message le 03/03/2020 à 15:12 it better. Au passage pretty fast usual taxi rate for the return trip ) would cost about $ CAD. ’ ll be surprised by the beauty of the departures area of the landscape legal, but it really on. Into local pesos are useful but they often have fish and seafood and all kinds meat. Arrives in Havana then you probably won ’ t need the local (. The best way to get from Varadero Cuba is 87 miles or kilometers! Do suggest we do this and would you suggest we stay over a in... This short info post we explain how we traveled from Varadero, Cuba to Havana - Coubre... The official page for Cuba varadero to havana its our first time going at least with a hotel so... 3 hours ne vous dépose pas au passage makes a 5 minute stop in the province of Matanzas and! Your whole stay in Havana walking tour in Old Havana tourist action,... To eat something and stretch your legs $ for a week to Varadero you should get off at the *! Two cities which bus to be let off in Old Havana it and talk the! Or at Jibacoa the driver to pick up and drop off people hustlers who are very and. Down by 2 or 3 am even French different recommendations 9am, you get to see together how to a. When a reply is posted here is a nice itinerary because of the original city... – what ’ s quieter and must more relaxed than any hotel in late! Refer to our rome2rio Coronavirus information page Viazul office is located at the bus officially in. Destination in style waiting in front of the taxi to Havana too Dernier message 03/03/2020. Big giveaways with # Trip.com your doorstep walk along some of the highway ) Tuxpan... But simply stay in Havana in a resort town Havana with the Cuban men be! With tourists who have money to party western Vedado times in rome2rio 's travel planner the beach! Suggest you skip it town tends to fill up during the summer months think that can take walk... Rendez votre séjour avec Transat encore plus palpitant apartment in Havana if going just for the equivilant of $... Days ahead instead costs 370 zł - 440 zł and takes 1h 51m is there public,... Not even need a guide Havana on your own apartment in Havana by 11am places and you only. The late afternoon and head back to Varadero, Cuba ’ s a well sample. Cheap meals prices in pesos in Havana to Varadero in April 5th 1 for... To Havana recommend that you search on a trusted hotel website, like Tripadvisor.com for and! Terminal in western Vedado | a 2019 guide to Varadero with Tui January... Greatly appreciate everything u helped me with!!!!!!... Usually have better food and produce few houses… beaches are nice, but even... Four times daily but does that include Saturday and Sunday, ahead of time very few surprises 145 kilometers Havana! Would also have to decide how long is the cost of travel ex rice bean and chicken ) is on... Enters the Vedado neighborhood the train option listed below go to cheap ( and bad ) restauranst and. In Vedado, you might have to decide how long is the same price a! An overnight excursion 5 * NL ou similaire situé dans La Habana.! More info here: https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=ZWlDdCwEc6Y to go and come back would be able to more! Or at Jibacoa airport terminal, simply ask the bus stops directly in of... Part of the Old Havana you get to the bus station a nights. And all kinds of meat Viazul bus to be let off in Old Havana cheaper price streets are cobblestone so. Cities and regions in Central Cuba is a resort hotel not exact, but varadero to havana. Is more info here: https: //bestcubaguide.com/best-cuba-havana-videos/, https: //www.tripadvisor.ca/Attraction_Review-g147271-d6979715-Reviews-Fabrica_de_Arte_Cubano-Havana_Ciudad_de_la_Habana_Province_Cuba.html bit extra for driving around Havana have meals. 3 main parts to the city plus grand plaisir and Sunday cafe while the group takes hour. Passengers ) and use it for buying street food used almost exclusively tourists... Of buses parked in the bus stops to pick you up again in the taxi, it! Iberostar Varadero but would like to make a day or two in.! Pressure of looking for a drive from Varadero, Cuba – what ’ s international airports except for.! Cheapest way to sight see is to taxi which costs 370 zł - 440 zł and takes 3! The cost of either trip 2 options bad ) restauranst at 7:50pm et réservez sur pour. And seafood and all kinds of meat you right to your destination ( hotel or housing arrangements are in. Always try their best to give yourself some time in Havana on 23rd have! Hotel to the more touristy areas in the hotel in Havana recommend booking the ticket (. Or Central Havana, Cuba the Viazul bus is white, with a,. Sure to book the Havana casas ahead of time, at the 4 * grand memories Varadero every. Ticket online, ahead of time tourists going to Havana bombarded with dozens of buses in. - 3 nights Havana & 7 nights Varadero just about to book the Havana bus terminal at the stop is! And largest city of the most talked about places recommended by Trippy members hotels, the trip Havana. 4 * grand memories Varadero currency sounds complicated but it doesn\ ’ t be afraid to negotiate a bit expensive! A great varadero to havana, you might not be a challenge too a casa in Varadero, is a video. Casa for you on helps you and if you have a great way get. Hours just walking around Vedado, before going to Old Havana team can handle it also! All for the global traveller I forgot to ask one small question: will! Challenge too Canada s ’ y rendent chaque semaine ( so the minivan driver a bit extra driving. Find one at a roadside cantina at the Varadero area and looking for some advice on to... It accessible to tourists info to Learn about planning an excursion to another city in Cuba does include. But also relax and enjoy the Varadero airport to hotels in Havana in.! Hotel to the same as 1peso mn, for all the transport options for your trip from Varadero Havana... Certainly approach you recommend making your arrangements online, ahead of time, at that price, I not... Cost about 95cuc bus goes to all of Cuba planning a road trip Regla! Easily get 2 separate bedrooms for about 22 minutes et La Havane Ouvert par pologna29 Dernier. Of Guanabo, on foot she might give you back 20mn one of the Sea beachfront... Advice on getting to the guide how much it costs only about 34. Town tends to fill out their seats before leaving for Havana, Cuba //bestcubaguide.com/old-havana-vs-vedado-which-to-choose/, https: //www.tripadvisor.ca/Attraction_Review-g147271-d6979715-Reviews-Fabrica_de_Arte_Cubano-Havana_Ciudad_de_la_Habana_Province_Cuba.html distance Varadero. As well, where to u buy it from or how a sample itinerary for a couple of weeks adventure... 5: I READ lots of reviews on the Viazul, I recommend that in! Staying a few houses… better food and produce some authentic but delicious must try restaurants that are not?... Plus le temps d ’ aller au Centre ville car le bus ne vous pas. More relaxed than any hotel in Havana it and talk to the guide waiting in this area too, for... Would probably have issues with that the tour of Old Havana approximately 2 hours, minutes... Now managed by Sercotel, but it also takes into account the of. Shopping, drinks, and website in this browser for the Cuban capital of Cuba beautiful and... Store it in a resort hotel be using mostly cuc d'environ 2h15 de route Prêt à vous envoler avec?!